In July 2023, the Company announced that it had achieved commercial production of tungsten concentrate at the Company’s wholly owned Dolphin Tungsten Mine (“DTM”), located on King Island, Tasmania.

The process plant achieved 70% runtime processing in excess of 10,000t of lower to medium grade ore at an average grade of 0.3% WO3, which has produced approximately ten (10) tonnes of saleable tungsten concentrate in June 2023. Preliminary site assays indicate the concentrate produced has achieved average grade of 55% WO3 and maximum grade of 68% WO3. The concentrate is being loaded into a container and will be dispatched for the Company’s first concentrate sales, marking another significant milestone for Group 6 Metals.

The site team remains focused on optimising performance to maximise recovery. Achieving production at a grade that meets off-take contract requirements, including part of the flow sheet unique to the Dolphin Tungsten Mine, means G6M has achieved full scale proof of the flow sheet. Preparation for the commencement of drill and blast is well advanced with run of mine ore expected to be delivered to the plant later in the month, which will increase ore head grade to the plant.

Achieving commercial production at the DTM is a major milestone for Group 6 Metals as the Company continues its transition to becoming a leading producer of tungsten concentrate.

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