Group 6 Metals (G6M) has a plan to safely and sustainably redevelop and operate its Dolphin Tungsten Mine on King Island in a manner which preserves the environment and creates opportunities in the community in which it operates.

Conservation on King Island is of high importance and is central to all of the Company’s redevelopment activity. Approval conditions under the Environmental Protection Notice (EPN) for the project require that several detailed environmental management and monitoring plans are approved for implementation to protect the local flora and fauna at the site and surrounding areas.

The Company has committed 33.7Ha of land as Conservation Covenant area on its mine site at Grassy. The covenanted area will protect important stands of Blue Gum eucalyptus forest, which provide nesting sites and habitat for some of King Island’s threatened flora and fauna. This area, which is significantly more than the EPN requires, extends the existing conservation area on King Island and adds to the forested areas surrounding the upper Grassy Dam.

A Tasmanian government grant provided to Hydro Tasmania for upgrading the capacity of the 11Kv line to the Dolphin Tungsten Mine will provide the mine with access to power from the King Island grid for construction and mining operations. A significant proportion of this power is generated by green renewable energy which will lower the overall carbon footprint of the mine.

G6M is focused on creating economic opportunities for local people and businesses through the development and ling-term operation of the Dolphin Tungsten Mine. The Company will prioritise local residential employment where practical and will implement training programmes for local people seeking skilled employment at the mine site

The Company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, corporate governance, honesty and accountability. We strive to uphold recognised corporate governance standards while growing our business and delivering returns to shareholders.

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